Deep water analysis should provide information about the origin of lithium

  • 25 Feb 2021
  • by lk

Today, the first sampling takes place at the geothermal plant in Bruchsal as part of the UnLimited project. For this purpose, HYDROSION uses cooled samples, gas as well as water samples under operating pressure and temperature with appropriate high-pressure hoses and fittings. In this way, the deep geothermal water can be brought to the laboratory for analysis without degassing and oxidation effects.

The aim of the investigations is to characterize the deep water and the reservoir using hydrochemical and different isotope methods. The results should provide information about the origin and host rocks of lithium, as well as other interesting elements and their sustainable production. In terms of sustainability, sampling is also the starting signal for further sampling on a smaller scale to monitor the stability of element contents during production. However, the basis should also be created to better estimate possible undesirable side effects during extraction.